About us

Who we are

Lusimag is a company based in Budapeste, Hungary, which brings the best Portuguese products as well the gastronomy to the Hungarian people and also to the entire Europe!

The aim ist to blend the gem that is the Hungarian gastronomy with the unique qualities and flavor of the portuguese products such as the olive oil, the coffee, the cheese, the codfish, the canned fish or the cured sausages and meat.

We work with some of the best local producers, that maintain the true flavour and preserve the roots.

Alongside with the tradicional products we offer unique and inovative ones, such as the cosmetics made from olive oil.

Who loves good and unique products can find in our range of supply the right solution!

Combined with the product selling, we also offer other services such as Catering or cooking Workshops.

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We are a young team with family ties both in Hungary and in Portugal and long since have been interested and noticed the potential of portuguese gourmet products sales.

Now more than ever since the Mediterranean Diet has been classified by UNESCO as World Heritage.

Portugal has a unique and gastronomy with a outstanding quality.

By making available a double offer of online sales - with shipping of the products to the whole country and by taking part in person at events and makets, we aim to bring to everybody the best and genuine flavours of Portugal.